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3 Exercises To Strengthen Your Back

These Exercises Will Make Your Back Strong

Most articles you come across talk about toning the areas we consider to be the most seen—abs, thighs, butt, etc. But what they are not focusing on is one of the most important muscles in your body.

Strong back muscles are not only essential to looking great as they set the tone for the rest of your body, but they are the first line of defense against pain, injury, and poor posture.

The following classic strength exercises will target your back muscles and help keep your core solid. For the best results, make sure to do 1 set of each exercise back to back, with little or no rest between moves. Perform the full circuit 3 times for 3-4 times per week.

1. T Raises


  • Grab a pair of 2- to 3-pound dumbbells and stand with feet hip-width apart.
  • Take a slight bend in knees as you shift hips back and lower torso until it’s parallel to the floor.
  • Bring weights together and turn palms to face forward.
  • Keeping arms straight, lift weights up to shoulder height then lower back down.
  • Make sure to keep core and glutes engaged the entire time.
  • Do 15 reps.

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2. Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Raise


  • Start off standing in front of an incline bench holding a pair of dumbbells in each hand, bending slightly at your knees and keeping your abs tight.
  • Bend over slowly until your forehead touches the top of the bench, keeping your arms handing at your sides and palms facing each other.
  • Slowly raise your arms out to their sides, squeezing your deltoids on the ascent.
  • Once your arms are parallel with the floor, hold for a count while squeezing your muscles then return back to the starting position.
  • Repeat 12 times.

3. Machine Lat Pull-Down


  • Start off sitting on a lat pull down machine, grabbing the handles with an overhand grip, keeping your knees positioned underneath the padding and feet flat on the floor.
  • Once in position, slowly pull down on the handles and bring them down towards your sides, and squeeze with your lat and back muscles.
  • Hold for a count then return back up to the starting position.
  • Do 15 reps.

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To your health and wellness!

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