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Establishing Confidence In Your Body

Valerie Is Changing The Perception Of Body Image In Yoga

Valerie of Big Gal Yoga is changing the way people think about yoga, ability, and self-confidence. Valerie has been practicing yoga for almost 4 years and she is very passionate about it while encouraging others to love the bodies they have. She has a great following on Instagram (50,000 and growing) and her site is friendly for beginners. I’m proud of Valerie and her efforts and hope that those people that are ashamed of their appearance use Valerie as a role model and pursue what many think is too difficult or impossible.

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From Sarah Coughlin – If you aren’t already one of her 50,000Instagram followers, you need to know about Valerie of Big Gal Yoga. A prolific social media user, tireless yogi, and avid body-confidence enthusiast, she is changing the way people think about yoga, ability, and body image, one hashtag at a time. 


Valerie started practicing yoga about four years ago, and her passion for the lifestyle has only grown since, to the point that it’s at the center of her mission to encourage others to use and love their bodies.

A recent college graduate, Valerie plans to begin her yoga teacher training at Seven Centers Yoga Studio in Sedona, AZ.

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