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2:30 feeling? Try this energizing yoga sequence.

Fight that sluggish midday feeling with these yoga poses.

Do you often find yourself feeling sleepy during the early afternoon hours? Maybe you struggle to keep your focus while fighting the urge to take a nice power nap? It can be tough the remain energized throughout the afternoon. One quick and effective way to get your energy back is to practice yoga. It improves your spirit and relieves stress, bringing you back to a more balanced and rejuvenated state of mind. Try the yoga poses below to bring some re-energize and re-focus so you can get through your day easier.

By Brooke Sassman


Heart Chakra Pose

Begin on all fours, with your shoulders stacked over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and your knees hip width apart. Keep your hips over your knees as you walk your hands forward. Bow your belly and throat down toward the ground until your arms are straight and engaged, fully extended. Keep your hips high, as if you’re a puppy wagging its playful tail. Gaze slightly forward as you melt your throat and heart toward the ground.


Downward-Facing Dog with Revolved Twist

Come back onto all fours. Keep your hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Curl your toes under, straighten your legs, and lift your hips up and back into the pose. Firm your upper outer arms in; relax all four sides of your neck. Reach your right hand to the outer edge of your left leg (shin, ankle, or foot, whatever you can reach). If you can’t find the leg, shorten your stance. Revolve your rib cage to the left, keeping your left arm straight. Breathe, switch sides, and repeat.


Standing Forward Bend with Twist

Walk your hands back to meet your feet, keeping them hip-width apart. Place your right palm down onto the mat or a block so that your arm is straight, with the shoulder stacking over the wrist. Bend your right knee slightly as you push the ground away and extend your left arm up to the sky. Keep your hips square and relax your neck. Breathe, switch sides, and repeat.


Chair Pose

Bend both of your knees, drop your hips, and lift your torso upright. Keep the weight in your heels as you press the shinbones back. You should be able to see your toes when you gaze down. Keep your pelvis neutral, lift your lower belly up, and keep your front ribs in. Extend your arms up shoulder width apart with the palms turned in to relax the base of your neck.


Chair Pose with Twist

From Chair, draw your palms in to your heart. Exhale, and swing your left elbow onto your right thigh. Place your palms together and press down to revolve your chest open to the right. Keep your hips square. Release the twist, returning into Chair. Repeat the twist on the second side.


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All images courtesy of Cheyenne Ellis.

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