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11 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

These Hacks Can Reduce Your Stress

We all have stressful moments.

While some stress can be a good thing, excess levels of stress can be devastating to your mind, body, and overall health. By lowering stress, you can become more focused, relaxed, and confident. The good news is that stress levels can be reduced naturally and there many simple techniques you can do when you are feeling stressed to get you back on track.

The following article shares 11 hacks that you can perform whenever you start feeling the pressures of the day building up. I think you will find these tricks both simple and effective.

See the tips below and be sure to share these with all of your friends that could use some stress relief in their lives.

1. Practice mindful breathing.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

Focusing on your breathing takes your mind off of what’s stressing you out. Inhale for six seconds; hold your breath for seven; then exhale for eight. Research shows that mindfulness may improve your concentration, reduce stress, and even alter the structure of your brain!

Submitted by Kymberley Jamieson, Facebook

2. Go for a stroll.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

It’s one of the best and easiest ways of managing stress. Research suggests that physical activity encourages the production of endorphins, commonly called the feel-good hormone, in the brain. And who doesn’t want to feel good?!

Submitted by Karolina

3. Indulge in (a little) wine and chocolate.

We’re not saying eat and drink your feelings away. But it’s no secret that wine can help take the edge off and chocolate can make you happy. So feel free to indulge ina little wine and chocolate after a hard day at work.

Submitted by Sydney

4. Treat yourself to pizza and Netflix.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

Sometimes the solution to stress is as simple as a medium cheese pizza and an episode of Friends. So kick back, relax, and pig out.

Submitted by Swapnil Arora, Facebook

5. Take a warm bath or shower.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

Bathing is often just an obligatory part of our hurried daily routine. It shouldn’t be. Taking a warm bath or shower is a great way to show yourself some love and wash away the day’s worries.

Submitted by Chantal Eden, Facebook

6. Practice yoga.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life
BerryHealthy / Via

Yoga, which is great for your mind and body, emphasizes conscious breathing and meditation techniques that are helpful on and off the mat.

Submitted by Leslie Diaz, Facebook

7. Identify what’s stressing you out.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

Make a list of everything that’s stressing you out. Then, separate it into things youcan and cannot control. Many times, you’ll find that your stress derives mostly from things beyond your control. Finally, rip up or burn the list at the same time that you resolve to let go of your stress.

Submitted by Hannah

8. Visualize your stress.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life

Because stress is a feeling, it often seems hard to manage. Create a mental image for your stress, letting it be as big as it feels. Finally, practice deep breathing and visualize your stress shrinking as you breathe out.

Submitted by Alexandra

9. Try journaling or writing letters.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life
Malone University / Via

Don’t let stress bottle up inside you. Instead, vent with a pen and paper. As Sara Bareilles sings, “Say what you wanna say / And let the words fall out!”

Submitted by Justine Roberts, Facebook

10. Burn candles or incense

Although there’s not much scientific backing for its effectiveness, many people use aromatherapy to alleviate stress and calm nerves. So light a candle, burn some incense, and feel your worries float away.

Submitted by Karolina

11. Drink less coffee.

23 Stress Hacks That Will Actually Change Your Life
Comedy Central

If you’re feeling stressed out at work, try limiting the number of cups you’re throwing back. The CDC reports that drinking caffeinated coffee may make it even worse.

Submitted by Tony

To your health and wellness!

See the full list of hacks from buzzfeed here

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