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10 Yoga Poses You Can Do Anywhere

You’ve been challenged! Do these poses no matter where you are!

Think you can only do your yoga routine on your mat at home or in the yoga studio? Think again! There’s a new yoga trend going around where friends are challenging friends to do yoga in random places, whether it’s in a grocery store, at the office, on a boat, or somewhere even more unexpected. People have been getting really creative with this challenge!

The question you’re probably asking yourself is: which yoga poses can you actually do anywhere? The poses should be ones that do not require props, mats, or yoga pants. Check out the ten suggested poses below.

By Morgan Casavant


1. Tadasana


Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, is a fantastic Stop, Drop, and Yoga option. Aside from making a cool photo in odd places, Mountain Pose helps you calm and ground yourself when life around you gets hectic.


2. Crescent Lunge


Crescent Lunge is an exceptionally powerful pose, and is a fun yoga pose to play with off your mat. It builds strength in your legs and core, while also developing flexibility in your hips.


3. Tree Pose


Balancing provides its own unique challenge, especially when you take these poses off your mat! Tree Pose is great for developing stability and confidence while gently stretching your hips.


4. Wide-Legged Forward Fold


Wide-Legged Forward Fold gives a lovely stretch in the ankles, hamstrings, hips, and spine. I also love adding this shoulder stretch variation for a nice upper back and shoulder stretch.


5. Eagle Arms


Practicing just Eagle Arms, without adding the balance portion, offers an amazing stretch for your shoulders and upper back. Because you’re taking the balance out of this stretch, you can really take it anywhere!


6. Warrior II


This fun and grounded pose is great for building leg and core strength, while stretching your hips and ankles. Stop, Drop, and Yoga this pose against a busy, bright background (like a city Farmer’s Market) for a really interesting photo.


7. Standing Camel


Standing Camel is a great pose to practice if you’ve been leaning forward for a long amount of time, like at work or after driving. This pose offers a nice upper back, shoulder, and neck stretch.


8. Standing Twist


Another great pose to practice during a work break, Standing Twist releases built-up tension and energetic negativity. Think of your spine in this pose like wringing out a dish towel.


9. Wheel On a Wall


See a wall (or a boulder, or a counter, you get the point) nearby? Try a Wheel Pose! Wheel Pose is a great way to develop flexibility in your spine and shoulders.


10. Handstand


Here it is, the only pose in this series where you have to put your hands on the ground. But, if you’re being challenged to take your yoga off your mat, why not pop up in a Handstand? Handstands are great for developing stability in your core and strength in your arms and shoulders.

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