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10 Things You’ve Probably Thought During A Hot Yoga Class

Have These Thoughts Crossed Your Mind?

For anyone who has taken a hot yoga class, you know how much fun (if you enjoy that kind of thing) it can be. Whether you are taking an actual Bikram class or just doing yoga in a heated room, you know it’s going to be hot and you will be sweating. While hot yoga has its share of benefits from detoxifying the body to healing chronic pain in joints, it still takes a special person to get through one of these sessions. The following article is for those people that have taken some form of hot yoga. This article reveals the 10 most common things you’ve probably done during one of these classes. Let’s see how close we are with these thoughts!

See the article below and be sure to pass this along to anyone who has done hot yoga.


1. Do I really need a towel?

          I mean, it’s a whole extra dollar.

2. This isn’t so bad.

Inhale, exhale. I got this.

3. Wow, downward dog is so much easier when it’s hot.

4. This teacher’s voice is so, so soothing.

4. Hold up, this class is 90 minutes?

5.How much longer until savasana?

6. How am I supposed to focus on my breathing?

My lungs are being compressed by the heat.

7.Wait, do I smell? I might smell.

8.How is that girl not sweating?

9. I would literally kill for some water right now.

10.Everyone else feels awkward about happy baby, too, right?

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