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Top Signs Of Negative Energy

Are You Affected By Negative Energy?

Has this ever happened to you?:

You are in the grocery store trying to pick up some last minute items for dinner, when while looking at your list, you accidently bump into someone. The person you bump into, gets mad and starts to chastise you for not paying attention. You, embarrassed about the incident, but surprised that this person is giving you the nth degree, start to get hostile with this individual.

What you have just experienced is known as a negative energetic attack. These attacks can change your wellness in an instant. Some people are more susceptible than others to low energy. How do you know if you are affected by low energy attacks?

Here are some common symptoms:

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sudden stomach ache or nausea

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throbbing Headache

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crankiness or irritability

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feeling like you’re beneath a heavy cloud or like there’s a weight on you

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coughing or choking

The first step to improvement, is to be aware of what is happening around you. When you experience these symptoms, ask yourself what may have caused these feelings. You may find that you had experienced a low energy attack.

Have you experienced a low energy attack? Share your stories with us and how you deal with these situations below.

To your health!

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