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10 Celebrities That Swear By Yoga

These Celebs Love Their Yoga!

It should come as no surprise that there are some celebrities out there that love yoga. Being in the spotlight day in and out can take a toll on your mental and physical shape. Between the busy schedules and the day-to-day grind it’s not an easy thing to keep things in focus. While many celebrities go through tough fitness routines, the following celebrities turn to yoga to keep them healthy and in shape. Yoga is great for keeping the mind and body in tune with each other and that is why these celebrities devote time out of each day to practice.

See the celebrities below and be sure to pass this along to anyone who doesn’t believe yoga is as popular as you think.


1. Jennifer Aniston


“Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything, honestly,” the actress told E! News. “It’s like meditation. It sort of just allows anything that’s coming at you at the end of the day to be kind of doable.”

2. Russell Brand


Funny man Russell Brand was quoted by The Sun saying, “I’m dedicating myself to all sorts of interesting things, you know. Transcendental meditation, Kundalini yoga, these things are right good for the old spirit.”

3. Justin Timberlake


Just like wife Jessica Biel, this superstar likes to get his yoga on, even in the middle of the ocean!

4. Lady Gaga


The singer is a huge advocate for self-expression and self-love, and shows that yoga can be done anywhere even in heals!

5. Adam Levine


In an interview with Details back in 2011, the singer was quoted saying, “At any Maroon 5 concert, you’ll see a room backstage marked ‘Yoga.’” Clearly, it’s paid off.

6. Robert Downey Jr


This comeback actor swears by yoga as a way to control the harmful addictions of his past.

7. Reese Witherspoon


The actress is a passionate yogi who credits expert Kirschen Hagenlocher, who has also worked with Julia Roberts, for her strong flow.

8. Colin Farrell


Irish bad-boy Colin Farrell likes to balance himself out by hitting the mat.

9. Beyonce


Beyonce’s bodacious body is enviable to say the least. Often asked about her workout routine, she likes to keep it varied, including striking spontaneous yoga poses while on vacation. Beyonce recently launched her very own activeware line called Ivy Park.

10. Jessica Alba


The actress told the LA Times in an interview that among her favorite workouts are hot yoga and yoga sculpt.

Which celebrities are your favorites? Leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of YogiApproved

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